Sitka salmon - almost 27 pounds!

Henry is one of those "self-taught" types that has never had any structured or institutional, "formal" training.  His talent is natural, passed down through both his mother and father.   He has spent most of his time drawing in pencil though his wife of 24 years, Judy, has been after him to branch out into color.  What you see on this website at this time are his pieces in pencil ... and one in ink.

Though he has never had any formal training, Henry was lucky enough to have spent time with (and these are Henry's words) "a modern Master" while living in Las Vegas.  Steve Lesnick was able to teach Henry more in 15 months than he'd learned in the prior 30 years!  Look at the difference that Steve made by comparing the Whitetail in Velvet, White Man Running Around, and the Blue Mountain Monarch (all done before Steve) with Southwest Cowboy (done after Steve).  Where the "pre-Steve Lesnick" drawings took sometimes hundreds of hours to complete, the "post-Steve Lesnick" drawing took just 6 hours!  AND it was a lot more fun completing it.

Henry has shown in one-man shows in Lampasas, Texas and Yakima, Washington.  He has participated in numerous other shows in Texas and Washington.

Henry's first love is the outdoors.  Early hunting trips with his grandfather only served to strengthen his love for the fresh air, the sunrises and sunsets, the cold rain, frost-covered boots, and the glimpse of brown moving through the green Texas Hill Country.  Since his grandfather only hunted whitetails, this suited Henry just fine.  He came to love and respect this magnificent animal as he tried to outsmart both does and bucks.  He's also seen his share of white, flagging tails bounding off through the woods or over a hill.  Hence, his obsession with drawing whitetails (and other antlered beasts).  If you see any "variety" in Henry's work, it is probably due to Judy trying to get him to " something else besides deer!"